Tunnels and Underground Spaces – N°276 – April-May-June 2021

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This issue features a comprehensive dossier on Land and Subsoil Law, as well as the usual sections on community life, building sites, historical memory, expert opinions and the agenda.

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Editorial : Underground space : from surface ownership to volume ownership – Marie-Christine Michel
Studies, Projects, Innovations
A new economical variant to relieve the Marseille railway network – Jean Piraud
Dossier : Droit du sol et du sous-sol
– Surface and subsurface land rights according to the french civil code – Philippe Millard
– Underground law for the mineral industry – Rémi Galin
– Fire safety in underground spaces – Bérénice Moreau, Michel Deffayet
– Geological and hydrogeological characterisation in the assessment of risks associated with underground structures: two methodologies, applied to drilling and underground tunnel projects – O. Serrano, G. Badinier, J. Briais, S. Grataloup, B. Bourgine
– Legal framework and status of excavated earth in France – Agnès Cherrey, Laetitia Mongeard, Florent Robert, Laetitia D’Aloia
– Ownership of and responsibility for disused man-made and natural cavities – Jean-Marc Watelet, Nathalie Berenger
– Law and status of excavated earth: BRGM point of view – Noémie Dubrac, Samuel Coussy, Daniel Monfort
– Nouveauté : Le calcul des tunnels par la méthode convergence-confinement
– New “tbm data sheets” produced by WG4 on “Mechanisation”- Nicolas Berthoz, Magali Schivre, François Renault
– Experts Opinion : AFTES Working Group no. 9 recommendations – François Challier

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Tunnels and Underground Spaces – N°276 – April-May-June 2021 - AFTES
Tunnels and Underground Spaces – N°276 – April-May-June 2021

20,00 (20,00 Excluding tax)

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