Videos and photos to learn more about underground spaces

Many of these resources are from the photographic and video archives of AFTES partners. They are used with permission from their respective creators. In accordance with the French Intellectual Property Code, these iconographic and photographic representations remain the property of their creators. Photographs and illustrations must not be reproduced without prior permission.
AFTES - Video Library

Video library

The video archive on the AFTES website contains videos of work sites and completed projects, as well as recordings made during “AFTES Tuesday” conferences. This archive will be regularly enriched with the latest news relating to the Association and to major tunnelling and underground space projects.

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L16 Puits Braque - Aulnay

Photo library

View numerous photographs from AFTES’s own archive and those of its partners. This photo archive is regularly updated. All photos are credited and must not be used without their creator’s consent.

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